• Test Preamp Noise with this 3Pin Male XLR Plug

How can you tell if the noise or hiss you are hearing in your audio is coming from your recording environment or your preamp?

If you want to measure the amount of noise that your preamp is adding or isn't adding to your audio productions, you need to measure the noise from the preamp separate from the ambient sound in your environment which is being picked up by your microphone.

Use this handy 150 ohm 3pin Male XLR plug to test this.

Simply plug it into your audio interface and measure the amount of noise being produced by the preamp without being influenced by ambient sound of your room. This works because the 150 ohm resistor is equal to the resistance of the average dynamic microphone. So when you plug it in, the preamp acts like there is a microphone connected, however there is no element to actually pick up sound from the environment and thus you get to measure only the noise that is within the device itself. 

This allows you to know how much of the noise in your recording is being produced from the environment or microphone that you're using. If the noise floor of the preamp is well below that of the noise when the microphone is plugged in, you know it's not the preamp that is contributing to the noise. You may want to reduce the ambient noise the space you're in is creating.

Test Preamp Noise with this 3Pin Male XLR Plug

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